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Yu shun-The whole countryWater supply and drainage system solutionsProfessional providers
Focus on high-quality goods and equipment10Years,Successful service500To be strong
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10Years of water supply and drainage
Leading brand products
Thousands of customers
Honors witness
The winner of several countries
Patented technology
VIPThe housekeeper
Professional services
Imported components
Strict quality control
On nearly square production base,5Intelligent production line,Dozens of technical personnel quality management strictly implementedISO9001:2000International quality system standard of up to tens of thousands of tons,Modern quality inspection center,The production process monitoring,Zero tolerance own brand quality problem
The company organizational structure is complete,With design department、The sales marketing project、Engineering services、Warehousing logistics department personnel department、The finance department、Research and development department and other functional departments,Hundreds of engineering construction experience,Better able to provide more professional service to our customers。
Hundreds of multiple products,Hundreds of products to meet your needs,Product quality stability, more rigorous production process,Decades of practice,Users are more at ease
Provide personalized quality service,Provide high performance than technology automation equipment,Product quality more efficiently;In major cities across the country set up a perfect after-sales service center,Ensure after-sales;Customize personalized solutions,100%Conform to the enterprise production of wire processing to help users upgrade complete production line automation,Product upgrade,To improve and improve production efficiency and competitiveness
Delivery fast

Deep cooperation with many logistics companies,At home3-5Products will reach

The delivery is not stable

Can't guarantee the goods on time within the given time

Good quality

Products throughISO9001The international physical quality certification,Quality monitoring,Cengcengbaguan

The quality difference is big

Market goods more mixed,Different quality level,Is uneven

The cost of provinces

Omit the middlemen,On the customer,Clients。Make you cost one province again

The high cost

Middlemen to benefit,Pushing up prices,And after-sales insecurity

In dealing with customers' requirements,We put the life into the product,Relationship between the enterprise's product quality
The survival and development,And bring wealth for the enterprise
We have a follow with professional knowledge,Positive attitude,Sincere service service team,For the customer
Provide timely、Accurate、In place of the products and services,Service is the value of our existence。
10Years of technology accumulation,More professional、More focused!
Customer enquiry
Do process engineer
After confirm the plan
To offer
Contract negotiations
Sign the contract
The delivery and installation
Commissioning and acceptance

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Advice immediately
  Jiangsu yu shun construction drainage engineering technology co., LTD. Was founded2011Years,Is focus on cultivating high-tech enterprises in jiangsu province。The company through technology enhance the core competition of the key areas,Formation in technology innovation and research and development production of completely independent brand competitive advantage,How to become internationally competitive enterprises。
Yu shun company headquartered in in wuxi city, jiangsu province,Factory is located in jiangsu province jiangyan city jiang crib industrial park,Factory covers an area of26600。。。
  • Honorary certificate
  • Production base

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